Stay Engaged with Council District 8


Cherie Weatherall, Council Aide

Chérie Weatherall is a Council Aide and administrative staff for the 8th Council District, ensuring that constituents and office staff are supported. 

Cherie has worked in the private healthcare sector and ran a non-profit youth sports organization in the West LA area, raising a large family while serving as a board member on behalf of emerging charter schools. She was previously employed by the Senior Citizen Section for the City of Los Angeles, working on community engagement and lifestyle improvement for mature adults.  Cherie sits on the Council of Caregivers for the Alliance for Children’s Rights and is committed to partnering with the Alliance and other advocates to ensure that foster and relative caregivers continue to benefit from legislative improvements.

Cherie Weatherall was born and raised in Los Angeles. She married and raised six children, spending much of this time as a single parent. Cherie is a former insurance account executive and a fitness instructor. She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Sociology and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Cherie has been the “Super-Grandma” to her fofour-year-old granddaughter whom she is now raising, an experience that she says brings her unspeakable joy.