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City Hall Staff

Contact number: (213) 473-7008

Solomon Rivera, Chief of Staff

Joanne Kim, Senior Advisor

Rachel Brashier, Deputy Chief of Staff

Lynell Washington, Planning Director

Ashley K Thomas, Communications Director

Vrenely Garcia, Scheduler

Yenise Camacho, Office Manager

Breana Weaver, Legislative Deputy

Belem Lamas, Legislative Deputy

Kristen Gordon, Economic Development Deputy

Richard Esquivel, Economic Development Deputy

Ernest Johnson, Council Aide

Cherie Weatherall, Council Aide

District Office Staff

Contact number: (213) 485-7616

Fernando Montes-Rodriguez, District Director

Albizael Del Valle, Deputy District Director
North and South East Areas

Dina Andrews, Senior Field Deputy
West Area and Park Mesa Heights

Isaias Benavides, Field Deputy
Central and South West Areas

Anthony Anderson, Field Deputy

Emeline Nguyen, Constituent Services Manager

Jenee Smith, Council Aide

Angel Valeriano, Council Aide