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My Committees

Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson is the Chair of the Planning, Land Use, and Management Committee and is the Vice Chair of the Personnel, Audits, and Animal Welfare Committee. He also sits on the following committees: Economic Development and Jobs Committee; Housing Committee. The Councilmember serves on the ad hoc COVID-19 Recovery and Neighborhood Investment Committee.

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Planning and Land Use ManagementCommittee

The Planning and Land Use Management Committee oversees all land use planning matters including but not limited to the General Plan, Community Plans, subdivisions, zoning, conditional uses, variances, interim control ordinances, moratoriums; population estimates; growth management; code enforcement except residential code enforcement on existing housing; slum housing abatement; building permit appeals; and construction and maintenance standards and testing.

Personnel, Audits, and Animal Welfare Committee

Description forthcoming

Economic Development and Jobs Committee

Description fortcoming

Housing Committee

The Housing Committee oversees all housing matters including grants, review or concurrent review of bonds and subsidies for housing from all sources, including the Housing Trust Fund; Urban Development Action Grant (UDAG) funds; rent control; residential code enforcement on existing housing, slum housing abatement and the Rent Escrow Account Program (REAP); community development programs; day laborer programs; and immigrant affairs.

Puplic Safety Committee

Description forthcoming